Yes that’s me in the 1960’s in the garden of our family home in Kent. I remember these photographs being taken by my kind and gentle brother Stephen. He died suddenly, a few years later.

I started life with whooping cough, then fully recovered and grew as a happy individual with a love of animals and the countryside. School was something I didn’t particularly enjoy but left with enough exam passes to secure an office job in London. Throughout almost 40 years at work, I acquired more qualifications and led a small team at one point but the best part was working with amazing people.

As for my private life, I managed to fulfil most passions which included spending time with my adorable pets, friends and family, home-making, cooking, writing letters and listening to music. It was quite an ordinary existence and children were not an issue as I had plenty of delightful nephews and nieces around me and I could also place any maternal instincts firmly upon my pets!

However my world changed when I became deeply affected by unforeseen negative events and felt that my future was hopeless. The prospect of facing life again was really difficult for me but was definitely aided by the comfort, encouragement and support I received from someone who understood exactly how I felt, having been through a similar experience.

For anyone going through this hopelessness now, I want to say “I know how you feel and you are much more than just your thoughts and feelings – you are energy and power so give your head a rest and let yourself relax for a while, then be guided on an intuitive level.” I didn’t intend to write a book initially (that may be obvious) and I am not medically qualified but I wanted to highlight how anyone can lose their sense of purpose in life – and then definitely find it again.

Now I continue to write about life’s strange twists & turns and the intuition that can bring about fate and destiny. I try to write with the same openness and honesty as before and touch on issues which are important to me such as integrity, courtesy and cleanliness – but hopefully not in a boring way – I do have a sense of humour and laugh out loud regularly!

Apart from writing, my other favourite things in life are spending time with my beloved husband and cats at our home in the beautiful Essex countryside, enjoying cycling or motorbike trips, seeing family and friends, taking photographs of animals, birds and scenery, being out in the fresh air and eating good food.

I am very grateful to all the people who have made my books and website possible and am sincerely thankful to those who have read my books and those who have commented.

Vanessa x

Author of Forever Home Within